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3 Ways to Beat Stress as a Family Caregiver

When aging loved ones are struggling with physical ailments, it may be time for them to have in-home care from a home care provider. Often, family members step up and take on the role of caregiver, but this can be a big change in their lives, erode their own personal time, and cause stress levels to rise quickly. Unless family caregivers build up a network of support for themselves and their aging loved one, they may be heading toward chronic stress and all the negative health issues associated with that.

Caregiver in Helena AL: 3 Ways to Beat Stress

Caregiver in Helena AL: 3 Ways to Beat Stress

Instead of being open about chronic stress, too many family caregivers live in denial, thinking that they don’t need a break and that asking for help is too embarrassing. In reality, regular breaks throughout the week give caregivers the respite they need to manage stress. Here are three ways that family caregivers can beat stress and prevent themselves from being frustrated.

1. Know When to Ask for Help.

Chronic stress builds up from innocent tasks and accumulates via repetition and guilt. Over time, these stressful situations trigger changes in the body that lead to negative health issues. Family caregivers should not wait for their health to deteriorate and affect the quality of care they provide to their aging parent. They need to recognize the warning signs of stress and ask for help appropriately.

2. Hire Home Care Providers.

Professional home care providers are ideal for family caregivers to depend on. They can step in and give care to aging adults while the family caregiver takes some time for themselves. Home care providers assist with grooming, dressing, hygiene, meal preparation, transportation, and light housekeeping. There’s no reason for family caregivers to fret about taking breaks when they have a qualified and experienced home care provider there.

3. Identify Stress-Busting Activities.

There’s no point in getting regular breaks via a home care provider when family caregivers don’t make every break count. True stress-busting activities include socializing with friends, regular exercise, nutritious meals, restful sleep, interesting hobbies, and plenty of quiet and restorative personal time. This time might include reading a book, taking a walk, organizing a closet, or something else that provides satisfaction.

Without following these three ways to beat stress as a family caregiver, it’s possible that they might become overstressed and therefore put their health and wellness at risk. With chronic stress, family caregivers could also be putting the care of their aging relative at risk. Not only will the quality of care go down because of chronic stress, seniors won’t get the added benefits of having a professional home care provider spending time with them a few days per week. There’s really no reason to put off hiring a home care provider to help family caregivers beat stress.

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