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What Are the Issues with Dehydration?

It’s always a good idea for your elderly family member to be drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration, but sometimes dehydration is causing other problems, too. Hydrating properly can solve all of those concerns.


Caregiver in Hoover AL: Issues with Dehydration

Caregiver in Hoover AL: Issues with Dehydration


Mobility and Dehydration Are More Connected than You Think

Your senior’s ability to get around easily and her ability and desire to hydrate properly are definitely connected. Without being able to move around well, your senior may opt to just wait to get something to drink, even if she is feeling thirsty. She may also weigh the risks of getting up and getting something to drink and find that she’s not willing to push things. That’s a big problem, though.


Incontinence and Dehydration Can Occur Together

Your elderly family member may feel as if holding down her water intake may help her to be less incontinent, but that’s not how it works. Drinking less water doesn’t help her bladder to leak less, but it can cause her to have other urinary tract issues. The timing of her hydration breaks may help some, but avoiding water is only going to create other problems.


Her Overall Health Is a Factor

Almost every existing health issue is exacerbated by dehydration. Someone with diabetes needs to drink plenty of water or their body isn’t always able to flush excess sugar from the bloodstream. People with COPD need plenty of water to help thin mucus and make it easier to cough that out of their lungs. Every person needs the right amount of water for overall good health.


She Experiences Thirst Differently or Not at All

Your elderly family member may also be finding that she doesn’t recall feeling thirsty. Older adults often stop experiencing thirst in the same way as when they were younger or they lose that urge altogether. What your elderly family member may need to do instead is to set up a schedule so that she’s drinking a certain amount of water by a specific time, no matter what.


She May Be Forgetful

It’s also possible that your elderly family member forgets to drink water. She may be experiencing cognitive changes already, or the memory issues could be a result of dehydration. The brain needs water in order to function well and when your senior isn’t drinking water regularly, she could be creating memory problems for herself.

Some people find that having someone else to keep them accountable for water intake helps. Home care providers are excellent companions, they offer tireless help with tasks, and they can also remind your senior to drink plenty of water.


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