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4 Questions to Ask Your Loved One’s Doctor After a Hip Fracture

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A hip fracture can be terrifying both for your elderly loved one and for you as her caregiver. In many cases, breaking a hip can mean that your loved one’s entire life is changed forever, but that Caregiver-in-Vestavia-Hills-ALdoesn’t have to be the case. Here are some questions that you should ask her doctor to help her to heal quickly and as painlessly as possible.

What Warning Signs Should I Watch Out For?

It’s really important that you’re aware of what could indicate that your loved one’s hip fracture isn’t healing properly. Redness and swelling around the hip can indicate that there’s an infection, especially if your loved one needed surgery to repair the break. Your loved one’s individual situation may dictate exactly what these warning signs will be, so you need to make sure that you ask for specific details from her doctor.

Are There Exercises My Loved One Can Do to Help Heal?

In some cases, your loved one may need to avoid exercising altogether. This depends on the type of fracture and what treatments your loved one’s doctor needed to administer in order to set the fracture. Make sure that you have your loved one’s doctor or physical therapist show you how your loved one should be moving so that you can make sure that she’s not doing herself further harm.

Are There Movements or Exercises My Loved One Shouldn’t Do?

Your loved one may have some very specific movements to avoid, such as sitting in such a way that there is stress on her hip. It’s essential that you know which movements or exercises to avoid so that you don’t inadvertently make your loved one’s pain worse or exacerbate her injury.

Is There Anything to Worry About with Sitting or Sleeping?

When sitting or sleeping, your loved one may need additional help, such as only sitting or sleeping in a certain position or using tools such as bolsters or pillows to help prop her up. In a chair, cushions may help to take pressure off the healing fracture. Get as much information as possible so that you can be prepared to help your loved one heal correctly.

Healing from a hip fracture takes time, but if your loved one pays attention to her doctor’s recommendations she’ll be good as new before she knows it.


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