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Are Fish Good Pets for Seniors?

Caregiver in Birmingham AL: Pets can be a great source of comfort and companionship for older adults. Snuggling a warm, cuddly cat or dog can bring a feeling of well-being and help reduce stress. But, what happens when it isn’t possible for a senior to have a cat or dog because of their living situation or allergies? In such cases, an aquarium filled with colorful fish might be a great alternative. In fact, research has shown that fish can be especially helpful for people suffering from dementia.

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Is Your Mom Really Ready for a Cat?

Elderly Care in Birmingham AL: Studies find that owning a pet benefits a senior citizen by providing companionship, but there are negatives, too. Dogs require daily walks outside and must be picked up after when the dog goes to the bathroom. This makes cats the more appealing option for seniors.

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