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Crafts Ideas for Seniors with Dementia

Senior Care in Helena AL

Maybe crafts are not your cup of tea. Maybe it is the last thing you think of to have a good time. But for your aging loved one with dementia or other dementia-related illnesses, it can be a fun and Senior-Care-Helena-ALcan also provide a productive outlet.

Not all craft ideas are geared toward seniors, but many can be modified to suit almost any need. For loved ones with dementia, crafts should be simple. Be sure to not overwhelm them with a lot of complicated materials. Provide only what is necessary. And whatever the craft, make sure that it is suitable for your aging loved one’s age and ability.

Here are some craft ideas for your aging loved one with dementia.

●      Painting. Painting is a fun and easy craft activity for your loved one with dementia. Ask them to paint everything from vases and canvasses to rocks and frames. *Helpful tip: painting outdoors can be very beneficial for your seniors with dementia.

●      Scrapbooking. Your loved one can utilize old magazines and newspapers and create a scrapbook from the interesting pictures they find in them. *Helpful tip: suggest themes like the holidays, summer, favorite things, family, favorite food, etc.

●      Play with Play Dough. This craft not only exercises your loved one’s fingers and hands, but their creative side as well. Playing with play dough will allow your loved one to create whatever their imagination can think of. *Helpful tip: pre-made play dough that can be bought in stores or you can make it with flour, water and food coloring.

Additional Tips:

●      Always show appreciation and never give negative feedback

●      Don’t treat your loved ones like a child

●      Give your loved ones enough space to make their crafts

●      Offer help when needed

●      Monitor your loved ones as they make their craft

There are many therapeutic benefits to crafting for seniors. Doing crafts will help your loved one relax and stimulate his or her brain. They also keep the mind sharp, help pass time, exercises your loved one’s hands and fingers, and can reduce depression.

Having dementia does not mean that your loved ones cannot engage in fun activities, as long as they are not overwhelming and meet their abilities. Despite their physical limitations or lack of cognitive abilities, crafting with for your loved one with dementia can be easy and fun.

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