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Dry Shampoo for Elderly People

Part of a family caregiver or senior care assistant’s responsibilities is helping an elderly person with grooming and hygiene. Without a doubt, one of the trickiest parts to this duty is washing hair. Showering or bathing can be extremely difficult for elderly people, especially if they have significant physical limitations or are bedridden. Many family caregivers are discovering dry shampoo and no rinse shampoo options as a way to keep hair clean in between bathing.

Senior Care in Gardendale AL: Dry Shampoo

Senior Care in Gardendale AL: Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a substance that cleans up oil from the scalp without using water. It is commonly used between showering or bathing, when water is not available (like camping), or with hospital patients that are bedridden. It is ideal for elderly people that want to stay neat and clean but simply cannot bathe or shower on their own every day. Older people have drier skin and reduced sweat glands, so they don’t need to bathe as often. Also, many seniors are afraid of slipping and hurting themselves in the wet bath or shower. Some seniors cannot shower every day and must wait for days when caregivers or senior care assistants arrive. However, they still want to look and feel good, so dry shampoos may be the answer.

Dry shampoo comes in a powder, aerosol spray or a liquid form. The ingredients include oil-absorbing solvents, conditioner, and fragrance. The cost for dry shampoo ranges from inexpensive to salon-style brands, so family caregivers can choose something within their budget. Of course, dry shampoo is not meant to replace regular hair washing and it will not take care of dirt or particles that are in the hair.

When family caregivers or senior care assistants use dry shampoo on an elderly person’s hair, there are definitely some right and wrong ways to apply it. Dry shampoo should only be used on dry hair, so if it is wet or freshly washed, it will not work as intended. When using the powdered version, it needs to be combed through the hair with fingers. However, it should not be overworked because the oil from the fingers can transfer to the hair.

If caregivers or senior care assistants are using the spray version of dry shampoo, they should hold it around 8 inches from the scalp to avoid buildup. The product will be whitish at first, but as it absorbs the white should fade. For most seniors, that’s not a problem but for those that may have dark hair or color their hair, it might be a concern. Finally, caregivers can style the elderly person’s hair just a few minutes after applying the dry shampoo.

When it comes to keeping clean and groomed, elderly people are often limited in what they can do for themselves. Dry shampoo is ideal for many seniors that may not get to wash and shampoo their hair as often as they used to. It’s easy for family caregivers and senior care assistants to apply and takes care of the hair between bathing.

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