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Easy Ways to Add Fruit to the Daily Diet for Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Kick off Eat Better, Eat Together Month this October by talking to your parents about the benefits of a healthy diet. Gather your siblings, children/grandchildren, and close friends and help your parents embrace a healthier diet that includes fruit. Here are some fun ways to add fruit to daily meals.

Home Care in Hoover AL: Adding More Fruit to Your Senior's Diet

Home Care in Hoover AL: Adding More Fruit to Your Senior’s Diet

Plan Your Meal.

Seniors often eat better when they’re not eating alone. A family gathering provides a great way to get your parent to eat well and socialize. It doesn’t have to be stressful. Come up with a meal idea and ask everyone to bring a dish.

If your mom and dad request an Italian night, strawberries drizzled with balsamic vinegar are an easy way to add fruit to the meal. Serve them as an appetizer with some Italian cheeses. For a pizza night, you could make a fruit pizza for dessert. Bake a whole grain pizza crust and let it cool. Spread a mixture of cream cheese and honey over the crust. Top it with sliced fruit.

Explore New Fruits.

Turn an evening together into a taste test. Buy fruits you’ve never had before. You might try starfruit, dragonfruit, kumquats, and durian. You could try common fruits that have a bit of a twist, such as golden raspberries or witch finger grapes. Serve that to everyone and see what people think.

Create a Game Out of Fruits.

Slice up some fruits and tuck them away from sight. Blindfold a few guests and give them pieces of fruit to try. When you can’t see what something looks like, it can be harder to guess what that food is. Sit back and see how many of the fruits people can actually guess.

Not only will your parents enjoy playing games, but you’re getting them to eat some fruit at the same time. Take turns so that everyone gets a chance to try to identify the fruits when blindfolded.

Some seniors hate cooking meals. Ankles and backs hurt standing at a counter or stove. Arthritis in the fingers and wrist make it hard to chop, dice, or slice ingredients. Caregivers provide the perfect solution. They cook for your parents.

Home care professionals come to your mom and dad’s house as often as you request and prepare meals for them. They enjoy a healthy diet without the frustration of trying to cook. Talk to a home care specialist to learn more about caregivers who offer meal preparation and menu planning.

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