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Elder Care Activities: Creating a “Kids” Table for Thanksgiving

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Just about everyone remembers the “kids” table at family holiday celebrations. This was the smaller table where the young guests at their meals so that the adults and older children could Elder-Care-Trussville-ALsocialize. If hosting Thanksgiving at your aging loved ones’ house is in your elder care future, preparing a special kids table is a fantastic way for your parents to get involved in the holiday preparations and feel like an important, relevant part of the celebration. This is vital to their mental and emotional health, particularly if this is the first year when their involvement may be limited due to physical, mobility, or cognitive challenges. This type of table is also a great way to get your parents involved with the younger generations of the family and to create lasting memories that you can look back on fondly throughout the years.


Use these tips to create a fun and entertaining kids table with your aging parents for your Thanksgiving celebration:

• Choose a sturdy table. Children may be little, but they are often rough and somewhat careless. A lean or ill-timed standing up from a chair can cause a lightweight table to topple, creating a holiday catastrophe. Choose a sturdy table such as a banquet table or even a coffee table so that the little ones can enjoy their entertainment and their dinner securely.

• Not all about the kids. Just because it is a kids table does not mean that it has to be all about the kids. Make the celebration completely family friendly by making your entire table a kids table, or by setting aside the kids table as something that all members of the family can enjoy before and after the celebration. This encourages conversation, sharing, and fun among the generations, and the creation of those precious memories that mean so much during the holidays.

• Create a protected, fun surface. Protect the table and prime it for fun with a roll of brown butcher paper. This is thick, durable, and inexpensive, and because it comes on a roll it is easy to use and replace throughout the night. Provide markers, crayons, and stickers so that everyone can embellish the paper and keep themselves entertained throughout the celebration. Choosing these embellishments is a fun outing for your parents and their elderly health care services provider to enjoy in the days leading up to the holiday.

• Dole out space. Thanksgiving may be all about love, warmth, and happiness, but sometimes even the holidays are not enough to make children willing to share peacefully. Avoid meltdowns and create a more orderly, relaxed kids table by using painters tape to section off the butcher paper and make individual sections. This way the children and adults alike each have their own space to work in, which promotes individuality, autonomy, and free thinking, and relieves the natural sense of stress, competitiveness, and territorialism that can come with having multiple people working on the same type of project.

• Preserve your memories. When sectioning off the table, measure the sections so that they are the size of a scrapbook. Replace the paper with pre-sectioned pieces throughout the evening as the sections get filled, and after the holiday, cut the pieces apart and put each individual section in an acid-free album sleeve in a scrapbook to enjoy later. Be sure to make a note on each page of the date and who made that particular section.


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