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Four Tips for Stair Safety

Changes to your senior’s mobility might bring stairs to the forefront of your attention. Stairs can be very unsafe unless you and your elderly family member are paying close attention to how you can keep her as safe as possible.


Elder Care in Alabaster AL: Tips for Stair Safety

Elder Care in Alabaster AL: Tips for Stair Safety


Make Sure the Stairs Are Well Lit

One of the most important safety features anywhere in your senior’s home is lighting. That’s especially true in any stairways in her home. Double-check lighting all the way along the stairway. If there is only one fixture or bulb, make sure it’s as bright as the fixture allows. Something else to consider is that you might be comfortable with the lighting where it is but talk to your senior. If she feels it’s too dim, then it’s too dim for her to be safe.


Make Sure There Aren’t Any Hazards on the Stairs

Clutter builds up easily, even on stairs. Other potential hazards on the stairs can be carpeting or treads that aren’t in good repair. It’s really important to check the stairs for any signs of damage or anything that needs repair. From there, you can start formulating a plan to deal with any clutter that tends to migrate to the stairs.


Examine Existing Handrails and Add Them if Necessary

Your senior’s stairs might already have some handrails, but the big question is whether those handrails are sturdy enough to support her if she really needs their help. Test the existing handrails to make sure that someone falling would be supported. If they seem to be weak or loose in any way, it’s probably a good idea to replace those handrails. On the off chance that your elderly family member’s stairs don’t have handrails at all, they need to be installed.


Look at Other Mobility Solutions

Other mobility solutions might be an option, too. If your senior uses a cane, she may still be able to use that safely on stairs. Her doctor may recommend that she work with a physical therapist in order to learn the proper technique. Walkers are a different story on stairs, however. An option, in that case, might be to install a stairlift. That can allow your senior to use both floors of her home without endangering herself in the process.

Stair safety is incredibly important for your senior. If you’re concerned that she might not be as safe as she should be when you’re not around, you might want to consider hiring elder care providers. They can help your senior with a variety of different needs, while also making sure she’s safe.

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