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Elder Care: Helping Seniors Who Hoard

Elder Care in Mountain Brook AL

Keeping items with sentimental value is perfectly acceptable, but when the elder you are providing in-home care for becomes obsessive over their belongings and is unable to get rid of them, theyElder-Care-Mountain-Brook-AL may have a hoarding problem. According to Dr. April Benson, the founder of, says that letting go is a reminder for elders that they are coming close to the end of their lives. While getting these people to let go of the clutter that has taken over their home is not an easy task, they may feel more comfortable parting with these items if you let them know that they could make space for something else. These tips may help your loved one let go of these reminders of the past in order to help them move forward with the future.

Show some compassion
Although these items may be of no importance to you, they could mean everything to your loved one. Before throwing anything out, have an honest conversation letting them know that you understand how they feel, but that it is not safe to live in this environment. They may be more willing to get rid of the clutter if they know that their feelings matter.

Let the elder make the decisions
Before you begin tossing everything in to a trash bag, it is important that the elder you are providing senior care for is the one who makes the decision to get rid of the things they do not need. By making these decisions without their consent, they will most likely still have a hoarding problem and you risk hurting your relationship with them.

Spend more time together
If your loved one is more active outside of the home, they may not feel the need to hoard. Going for walks together, taking a class at the senior center, or doing other activities you both enjoy is a great way to strengthen your bond and will take their need off of their unhealthy collecting habit.

Hire a professional
If your loved one is not willing to hear you out, then they may listen to a professional home organizer or therapist. This person may be able to find out the true reason behind their hoarding and help them find a way to work past their emotional distress.

Create a list
Sit down with your loved one and make a list of the items they would like to donate to other family members or people they know. Knowing that their beloved items are in the hands of someone they know will ease their anxiety and make them more willing to let it go.

Hoarding is often the result of a deeper emotional problem and is a habit they can’t get rid of alone. However, by offering them support and compassion, they may be more willing to get the help they need to rid their home of clutter.

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