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What Can Your Senior Expect in the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t have specific timing or a moment in which your elderly family member knows that she’s moved from one stage to another, but there are some commonalities at the various stages. It helps to know what to expect in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s disease so that you can help your elderly family member to cope a little more effectively.


Elder Care in Homewood AL: Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease

Elder Care in Homewood AL: Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease


Memory Lapses

Forgetting where she’s put things now and again is something that your elderly family member may deal with more often as her Alzheimer’s disease progresses. She may start to experience other types of memory losses, too, such as forgetting names and recent events. These memory lapses will slowly become more frequent and they can be incredibly upsetting for your elderly family member.


Trouble with Daily Tasks

Tasks that at one point were really easy for your elderly family member to do, like cooking a favorite recipe from memory, might become a lot more difficult. But other activities can start to become much more complicated, too. Going to the grocery store can suddenly be problematic. Other daily tasks can become far more difficult as well.


Greater Difficulty Juggling Tasks

In addition to having trouble with specific tasks, your senior may find that it’s far more difficult now to multitask. She may have had no problem doing this even months before, but suddenly doing more than one thing at a time takes a great deal more concentration and your elderly family member may lose her train of thought more easily. Even doing things like holding a conversation while she’s washing her hands can become too complicated.


Trouble Making Decisions

As your aging adult experiences more of a progression with Alzheimer’s disease, she may find that it’s difficult to make decisions. She may even start to make decisions that are really questionable or that are outside of the bounds of what she might have done in the past. This can be difficult for you to witness and it can be difficult for her to experience.

Your senior might not notice any really big issues in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s disease, even if you do. What can help is hiring home care providers now so that your senior can get used to having a little more assistance. They can also help her to stay on task and to manage situations that are becoming more difficult for her.


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