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What Should You Do about Well-meaning Advice?

As your aging family member’s caregiver, you might be hearing far more advice you didn’t ask for than you ever bargained to hear. Other family members may have a whole lot to say, from how you should do certain tasks to when you should be doing them. Some of that advice can grate on your nerves, but it’s almost always well-intentioned.


Elder Care in Hoover AL: Well-meaning Advice

Elder Care in Hoover AL: Well-meaning Advice


Involve Family Members as Much as Possible

One thing that can help quite a bit when family members want to give you advice that really doesn’t fit your senior’s needs is to start keeping them as informed as you can. This might not be as possible as you would like depending on what your senior is comfortable sharing with the extended family, so there are boundaries to consider. But regular family meetings or family information emails can really help to dispel any myths and can educate family members on what you’ve tried, what’s working, and what isn’t. They may be less likely to suggest options that aren’t likely to work.


Ask Them to Pitch In

If family members want to be so involved, that’s a great thing. They may be excited about pitching in a little bit more here and there. Don’t worry about handing out big tasks. You want to stick with smaller tasks that they’re likely to be able to handle with little guidance and input from you or your senior. Having family members be more active in your senior’s care can help them to understand a little more about what you’re both going through. The bonus is that you and your senior can get some extra hands on deck.


Keep in Mind They Don’t See What You See

Something that can be difficult to remember is that you’re the primary family caregiver. You see things and have been involved in things that your other family members may be can’t even imagine. This gives you a vastly different perspective than their view from the outside. Sometimes they may actually offer advice that could be helpful, so try to avoid brushing everything they say aside without first examining it for yourself. That different perspective can sometimes be helpful for you, too.

Just because family members keep offering you the advice you didn’t ask for, that doesn’t mean that they have ill will. Often they really just want to be helpful and they don’t know how. Remembering that can help you to receive their unsolicited advice in a friendlier way.

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