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Helping Seniors Cope with Depression


Elder Care in Trussville AL: Helping Seniors Cope with Depression

Around 6 million Americans who are age 65 or older suffer from depression, which makes it a common problem for seniors. Sadly, only 10 percent of them get help for their depression. Sometimes seniors don’t get treatment because their depression symptoms are seen as part of the symptoms for another disease or the side effects of treatment they are receiving for another condition. Although depression is common in seniors, it shouldn’t be considered “normal.” If you suspect your parent is suffering from depression, seek medical advice and help. In addition to getting the necessary treatment, there are several ways that you can help your parent to cope with depression.


Supporting a Parent with Depression

It can be difficult to know how to help someone who is depressed. One thing you can do for your parent is to just provide a willing ear to listen. Let them know that it’s safe to talk to you, and that you love them. Listen to what they say without judging. Try to be empathetic and understand where they are coming from. Your parent may not be able to admit they are depressed, so they may be reluctant to get the help they need. Don’t force the issue or try to take control of their lives. Instead, make gentle suggestions about seeing a therapist or talking to the doctor about how they are feeling. Sometimes talking about someone you know who suffered with depression and then got help can help change their minds about getting treatment.


How Hiring an Elder Care Provider Can Help

If you’re concerned about your parent being depressed, a professional elder care provider can help manage symptoms of depression and may be able to help your parent avoid depression. Some of the ways that an elder care provider can help are:

  • Seeing to nutritional needs: Eating well can help your parent stay healthy and live a better quality of life. An elder care provider can assist your parent with planning and preparing healthy meals. They may also be able to drive your parent to the grocery store and help them to shop.
  • Helping with household tasks: Having someone to help do light cleaning and keep up with some of the household chores your parent can no longer do can help boost your parent’s mood. Trying to keep up with housework can be overwhelming for a person who has trouble moving about the way they once did, so lightening the load can help.
  • Providing medication reminders: An elder care provider can remind your parent to take their medications regularly, which can improve overall health.
  • Being a social support: Having an additional person to talk to and spend time with can go a long way toward relieving the loneliness that sometimes comes with old age. An elder care provider may also be able to assist your parent with getting to social activities in the community, such as church services or activities at the local senior center.


The bottom line in helping your parent to cope with depression is to not let it go unnoticed. Take the time to talk to your parent about how they are feeling and encourage them to get the appropriate help.


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