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What Technology Can Boost Your Senior’s Independence?

Technology has a place in virtually all aspects of most adult lives, but many elderly adults do not have the same access to technology and its benefits as younger adults.

Utilizing technology in your caregiver role may be something you already do, but it is important to recognize how beneficial technology can be for helping your senior maintain independence and control over their own life. Not only does this streamline and simplify your care efforts, but it also helps promote better mental and emotional health and well-being as they age in place.

Elderly Care in Hoover AL: Seniors and Technology

Elderly Care in Hoover AL: Seniors and Technology


Some technology that can help boost your senior’s independence includes:


-Online grocery ordering. Your senior may not be able to get the grocery store on their own, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shop. Several companies offer online grocery ordering and delivery. This allows your parent to get on their computer or mobile device, order the groceries they want, and have them brought right to their home. Even if delivery is not available in their area, they can still make the order independently so you can pick it up for them.

-Online doctors. While this doesn’t work for all forms of doctors or ailments if your senior is suffering a mild illness or would benefit from counseling, online access to doctors enable them to attend an appointment right from home. All they need is a mobile device or computer with a camera and they can get the help they need when they need it without having to rely on you to get them to their appointment.

-Wearable GPS. Seniors struggling with a cognitive functioning decline, memory loss, mobility issues, and other ailments might hesitate to head out for adventures and outings or even to be home on their own. A wearable GPS is a way to help your parent feel more confident when they are away from home. Having their GPS pendant or bracelet gives your parent confidence they are secure and can get the help they need should they get lost, feel threatened, or experience an injury or episode of illness.


Everyone values independence, but many elderly adults struggle with feeling as though they have lost theirs.

Not being able to drive, dealing with mobility issues, and having to rely on you for their care and basic tasks such as running errands can leave them feeling as though they’ve lost their control and autonomy. This is where elder care can make a huge difference.

An elderly home care services provider can give your parent the support and assistance they need to feel more independent and take back more control of their life. With personalized services designed specifically to help your parent manage their challenges and limitations while still pursuing the life they want, this care provider can help your senior live a more active, fulfilling, and meaningful life as they age in place. Services can include transportation, meal and snack preparation, physical support to manage mobility issues, help around the house, activities, and companionship, and more.


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