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How Can You Tell if a Lifting Recliner Is Right for Your Elderly Loved One?

Elderly Care in Alabaster AL

A lifting recliner is definitely an investment for your elderly loved one so you might not be sure when it’s the right decision to get one for her. Taking some of these considerations into account can help you determine when it’s the right choice.Elderly-Care-in-Alabaster-AL

Your Loved One Has a Tough Time Sitting Down or Getting Up

If your loved one has issues rising from a seated position or lowering herself safely, then a lifting chair or recliner is a great solution. The chair lifts so that she can sit safely and easily and when she’s ready to stand again, the chair quickly and easily helps her to do that. Even if your loved one uses other assistive tools, such as a walker or transfer poles, a lifting chair can be an additional help.

Your Loved One Has Balance Issues

In addition to having difficulty sitting down or standing up properly, balance issues can significantly impact your love one’s ability to use a traditional chair. Your loved one simply has to take her position in front of the chair and allow it to lower her or sit in the chair until it brings her upright. This removes the problem of your loved one having to rely on her own balance when she’s standing up.

Your Loved One Is Frequently in Pain

When your elderly loved one is frequently in a great deal of pain, particularly in her hips, knees, or back, standing up and sitting down can be even more painful for her to do on her own. Using a lifting chair allows her to let the chair do the work for her.

If Your Loved One Is Still Quite Mobile, Reconsider a Lifting Recliner

On the other hand, if your loved one doesn’t have these issues, do some more observing and thinking before you invest in a lifting recliner. Switching to a lifting chair too soon can actually cause your loved one to lose muscle tone earlier than she needs to. Your loved one can use a variety of other tools or even get help from you or her elderly care providers to stand and to sit safely.

If a lifting recliner is right for your loved one, make sure that she’s comfortable and check out some of the accessories that can make it even more helpful to her.

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