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Essential Gardening Tools for Senior Citizens

Senior Care in Helena AL: Essential Gardening Tools for Senior Citizens

Senior Care in Helena AL: Essential Gardening Tools for Senior Citizens

Gardening can become difficult and painful for a senior. Care must be taken to alleviate pain caused by kneeling, bending, and gripping tools that require more force to handle than arthritic hands can take. Fortunately, many garden supply manufacturers have recognized the need for gardening tools that make gardening easier and more enjoyable for senior citizens. If your mom or dad enjoys gardening, but has some difficulty with it these days, try some of these senior-friendly gardening tools.


Tools to Help the Knees and Back

There are several wheeled garden scooters and seats available. They allow seniors to sit comfortably while gardening. Since they are on wheels, they reduce the need to stand up repeatedly to move about the garden. Instead, they can simply be rolled along using the feet. Some come with storage under the seats so that supplies can be kept neatly together for storage. There are even seats with built in cup holders so that your mom or dad can stay hydrated while in the garden.

Garden kneelers are also a good tool for those whose knees could use some extra padding. Some padded kneelers can be flipped over and used as benches. When they are used as kneelers, the legs of the bench become handy bars for seniors to hold while returning to a standing position. If storage space is limited, look for a bench that folds for storage.


Ergonomic Digging and Pruning Tools

If digging and pruning are a problem because of pain in the hands and wrists, look for gardening tools that are ergonomically designed to reduce strain. Tools with larger handles or handles that are curved are easier to grip. There are also ergonomic pruning tools available that make it easier to clip back shrubs and bushes. Fiskars created a line of pruning tools that has earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation because they are up to three times easier to use than typical pruning tools.


Gloves for Better Gripping

A good pair of gloves are important for any gardener, but for senior gardeners, gloves that help them grip are essential. There are gloves on the market, such as Bionic’s ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves, that are designed especially for arthritic hands. They have silicon on the fingertips to improve grip and a terrycloth inner lining that stays drier than ordinary gardening gloves.


Easier Watering

Hauling heavy watering cans and hoses can be cumbersome, but there are lightweight hoses available. Another option is to use soaker or drip hoses snaked through the garden to eliminate the need to carry watering cans or hoses to the garden each time. A lightweight wand attachment is also a good option to make watering easier and can make watering hanging baskets safer and easier.


If your parent is interested in gardening, but could use some adjustments to make the job easier, an outing to the local garden center may be in order. Your senior care provider may be able to drive your parent to the store and help pick out the right tools to make gardening fun and pain free again.

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