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Fitting Holiday Shopping into Your Busy Caregiver Schedule

Shopping for holiday gifts is a favorite part of the season for many people, but as a family caregiver, the idea of adding shopping to your schedule can be daunting. Fortunately, you can work around your busy schedule, pursue your care goals for your senior, and enjoy this special season even more.

Use these tips to fit holiday shopping into your busy caregiver schedule with your aging parent:

Caregiver in Homewood AL: Fitting Holiday Shopping into Your Busy Caregiver Schedule
Caregiver in Homewood AL: Fitting Holiday Shopping into Your Busy Caregiver Schedule
  • Take advantage of online shopping. If there are items available online as easily as they are in a store, save yourself time and effort by ordering them online. Take advantage of free shipping offers and membership codes to make the most of your shopping budget. Be sure to warn family members not to open packages that appear at the house so you can keep the secret.
  • Multitask. When you need to run an errand for your aging parent, evaluate the stores around the area so you can stop in to purchase a gift or two while you are already there. Even if you don’t have specific items in mind, consider dipping into stores that are nearby while you have the time and see what you can discover.
  • Bring your senior. Going holiday shopping can be a great opportunity to get your parent more active, encourage them to exercise, and complete other care tasks for them. Plan a day of shopping including having lunch together to stimulate their mind, ensure they eat a good meal, and spend quality time together.
  • Get creative. When it comes to shopping for holiday gifts, don’t hesitate to get creative. Choose items that you know your loved ones would use and enjoy, even if it doesn’t fit into your “usual” mold. Putting several small themed items together can make an even greater impact than a large gift.

As a family caregiver, it is important to recognize that the only thing you can really predict about caring for an aging parent is that it will be unpredictable. Your senior may have consistent needs now, but those needs can change quickly and unexpectedly. Having home care as a part of your care resources for your senior means being able to manage these changes smoothly and effectively. An in-home senior care services provider offers completely customized care services. This means they can help your parent to manage their needs and challenges now, and also adapt in the future if their needs change. This allows your parent to age in place and live their best life no matter what they are facing.

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