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Five Tips for Safety-Proofing Hallways and Stairs

If your elderly family member’s home has stairways and hallways, you may need to do some investigating. These areas can be a hazardous spot for your aging adult, especially if she has mobility or balance issues. Try some of these ideas to help her to feel as safe as possible.

Home Care in Mountain Brook AL: Safety-Proofing Hallways and Stairs

Home Care in Mountain Brook AL: Safety-Proofing Hallways and Stairs

Get Some Glow-in-the-dark Tape.

Glow-in-the-dark tape is fun for lots of different projects, but it can be a safety tool, too. Lining the edges of stair treads helps your senior to find them, even in low lighting. If you use the tape along the edges of the hallway that helps her find those edges faster. Something else to consider is using glow-in-the-dark tape on handrails so that they’re more visible, too.

Install or Secure Handrails.

Handrails, if your senior doesn’t already have them, are vital. They’re easy to install, too. If she does already have handrails installed, make sure that they’re as stable as possible. They need to be able to support your elderly family member’s weight if she is suddenly off balance and needs them to stand again.

Consider a Stair Lift for Stairways.

One tool that is especially helpful in stairways is a stair lift. This is a mechanical device that includes a chair that can carry your senior up and down the stairs. This can eliminate the possibility that she’ll trip and suffer a fall.

Reduce Clutter.

Clutter can be your senior’s biggest enemy when it comes to either a stairway or a hall. Find ways to limit clutter in all areas, but especially in these areas. If there’s a way for your elderly family member to avoid carrying items while using a stairway or walking down the hall, that’s a good idea, too.

Double Check Lighting.

Lighting is crucial in both of these areas. Even if you feel that the lighting is bright enough, there may be some ways that you can increase the brightness or add additional lighting. Double check with your elderly family member and see how she feels about visibility in these areas.

Home care providers can help you and your aging adult spot other ways that halls and stairways might not be as safe as they could be. They can also be there to offer mobility help to your aging family member. Their advice and assistance is especially invaluable if this is a new situation for you and your aging family member.

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