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How to Pace Your Routines to Get Rid of Overwhelm

Caring for your senior means that you’re juggling a lot and that ends up feeling overwhelming. Often what’s happening is that your routines don’t support all of the tasks and activities you’re trying to cram into every single day. These ideas can help.


Home Care Services in Helena AL: Get Rid of Overwhelm

Home Care Services in Helena AL: Get Rid of Overwhelm


Look at What You Already Do

Even if you don’t think you have much in your life right now in the way of routines, you really do. Your routines are really just the habits and the tasks that demand your attention throughout every day. You can let your routines be ones that are made up of distractions and frustration or you can carefully curate your routines to give yourself a smoother day and far less overwhelm.


What Would Your Ideal Day Look Like?

Take a few minutes and think about what your ideal day might look like. You might even want to write it all down. Start with how and when you wake up and then move through the entire day. What sorts of activities, tasks, and routines make up that ideal day? Don’t worry about whether your ideal day is possible right now or not, because you’re looking purely at your ideal.


Find One or Two Small Changes that Get You Closer to Ideal

Once you’ve got your ideal day mapped out, take a closer look. What are one or two small changes you can make that get you closer to that ideal day? One might be hiring home care providers so that you can hand over some of the tasks that take up a lot of your time and energy. Home care can also be the answer to making sure that you have respite time regularly, which can give you more energy and time to figure out how to keep working your way toward ideal days.


Less Is More When You’re Revamping Your Approach

You might instantly spot a dozen different ways you can get closer to the ideal day that you want to have. But if you’re trying to revamp your routine from the ground up and implement each of those different ideas, you’re only going to contribute to your overwhelm. Tackle things one change at a time and see how that adjusts everything.

Being a caregiver means that your senior has specific needs that you’re entrusted with completing. But that doesn’t mean that your own life has to become a series of activities and tasks that never seem to end or be any different from day-to-day. You can have a calm, peaceful life full of meaning and still be a caregiver.


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