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How to Be a Long-Distance Caregiver

Even when you don’t live close to an aging family member who needs help, you can still be a useful member of their team of family caregivers. You can be a long-distance caregiver.


Home Care Services in Hoover AL

Home Care Services in Hoover AL


Long-distance caregivers are people who don’t live near enough to the senior to assist with regular hands-on care.
Instead, they assist with other tasks that revolve more around scheduling, paperwork, and emotional support. If you don’t live by your older family member, but you want to help, here are some things you can do as a long-distance caregiver.


Organize Medical Care

Today’s technology makes it possible for long-distance caregivers to organize medical care for their aging relatives. You can call to schedule appointments, view information about medical appointments through the provider’s patient portal (with proper permission from the senior), and research their medical condition, sharing the information you find with other family caregivers.


Be the Hub for Information

Long-distance caregivers can be the contact point for information about the older adult’s condition. They can keep others informed about how the person is doing and reach out to ask for help when it is needed. They can also be the one who calls family members when there is a change in the senior’s condition that they need to know about.


Handle the Senior’s Finances

Older adults sometimes need assistance taking care of their finances. They may need someone to make sure all the bills get paid and accounts are monitored. A long-distance caregiver can do that from afar by helping them to set up online access to bank accounts, credit cards, and payment portals for their regular bills. Then, they can access the accounts to make certain bills are paid. They can also watch credit card statements and other accounts to make sure there are no errors or fraudulent charges.


Offer Emotional Support

Other family caregivers and the older adult may need emotional support from time to time. Long-distance caregivers can provide that support by listening when they need someone to talk to. You can stay in contact with the senior and family caregivers via telephone and by sending them encouraging cards and letters. If they use social media, you can share pictures, jokes, and other things that will make them smile.


Provide Occasional Respite Care

When you are able to visit your aging relative, you can give regular hands-on family caregivers a chance to take a break. These breaks are important to their physical and mental health and can allow them to return to caregiving responsibilities with a fresh perspective and increased energy.


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