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Six Signs You Might Need to Look Deeper at Whether Your Senior Needs Help

It’s never easy to know exactly when your elderly family member needs more assistance from you or from elder care providers. Looking for some of these signs can help you to know when it’s time to ask more questions.


Home Care Services in Mountain Brook AL: Senior Care Assistance

Home Care Services in Mountain Brook AL: Senior Care Assistance


She’s Having Trouble Getting Around Easily

Mobility can be a big indication that there might be more going on with your aging family member. Pay close attention to how well she’s able to walk as well as how easy it is for her to get up from a seated position. These small details can help you to spot other potential problems.


She’s More Forgetful than Usual

Everybody has minor memory problems now and again. But if your elderly family member seems to be experiencing forgetfulness more often than she has in the past, there might be something there. Talk to her doctor about what could be going on.


She Seems to Have Less Appetite than Usual

When did you last see your senior eat? If she’s making excuses not to eat around you or she seems to be losing weight, she might not have quite the appetite that she used to have. This can happen for a variety of reasons and it’s vital to get to the root cause. This can help to avoid issues with malnutrition.


She’s Not as Involved in Life as She Was

If your elderly family member used to be on the go all the time and now isn’t, it’s important to understand why that changed. She might be feeling less social or there could be bigger issues at play for her. Talk to your senior about what created the change.


She’s Surrounded by More Clutter than Usual

Clutter can build up quickly when your senior isn’t able to keep up with regular daily tasks. It might start out small with mail or dishes building up. From there, you might notice other situations, like dust being an issue when it wasn’t before. It can be tough for your senior to spend her energy on those tasks when her health and other issues are becoming more urgent for her.


Her Hygiene Seems Different

Changes in hygiene can be an important clue. Your elderly family member may have physical or emotional causes for these changes and it’s important to figure out which ones are behind the changes. If she’s unable to take care of herself the way that she once did, she may need some extra help.

The first step might be getting help assessing how much assistance your elderly family member really needs. Elder care providers can help you to determine what might be challenging for your senior and they can step in and offer that extra helping hand.


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