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April – National Month of Hope: Four Ways to Raise Your Parents Spirits

After a long winter, people can feel down in the dumps. Being stuck inside, not seeing much sun, and the increased risk of getting a virus can all drag someone’s spirits down. April is the National Month of Hope. The goal is to help others feel hopeful by raising their spirits. Here are some ideas you can use.


Home Health Care in Hoover AL: National Month of Hope

Home Health Care in Hoover AL: National Month of Hope


Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

It’s hard to deny that dogs and cats can make you feel better. Spending time with puppies and kittens will bring a smile to your parents’ faces. It’s hard not to experience joy when you have a playful pet bouncing around you.

Let your parents laugh and embrace the benefits of having a young or old cat or dog want to play. Your parents can help out and enjoy some one-on-one time with animals.


Plant Flowers

Scented flowers in bright colors bring a sense of joy and relaxation. Create a blissful spot for your parents to get outside and enjoy the sun while watching hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies fly from one flower to the next collecting nectar.

Some of the flowers to consider include lilac bushes, beebalm, butterfly bush, and fuschia. You’ll also find hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies flock to purple coneflower and heliotrope. Heliotrope and lilacs both have strongly scented flowers, so they’re a good choice for scented gardens.

Install a Water Feature

If your parents like spending time outside on their patio, consider a small water feature. Look for a resin water feature online. They’re not expensive and have room for plants and fish. Your mom and dad can grow colorful water lilies and have a couple of goldfish to keep mosquito larva from developing into mosquitoes.

The soothing sound of water flowing is always relaxing and brings joy. Some do require electricity for pumps, but you can get features where the plants that grow provide all the oxygen that’s needed.

Explore a New Area

Think about the attractions near your parents’ house. There’s bound to be a state park, historic site, or lake you’ve never visited. Take time to go explore that area. You can stop and have a picnic along the way or grab a bite at a cafe if you spot something intriguing.

Home care services make sure your parents have regular visits and the help they need. It’s hard to get out during the winter. Icy or snowy roads may limit your parents’ outings, but home care aides provide companionship. As warmer weather arrives, caregivers can help with spring cleaning and join your parents on walks. They’ll have a companion by their side to keep them from feeling stuck inside or simply enjoy having company.


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