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Five Ways a Companion Can Help Your Senior

Part of having help from senior care services might involve companionship. But what can companions do for your senior on a daily basis? Probably more than you think.


Home Health Care in Trussville AL: Senior Companion

Home Health Care in Trussville AL: Senior Companion


Companions Can Make Meals Less Lonely

Mealtime can be one of the lonelier times of your senior’s day. In fact, some aging adults avoid eating because they dislike eating alone so much. Having someone else there for meals can make them much more pleasant and might even help to boost your senior’s appetite. The bonus for you is that you’ll have someone who can report back about what and how much your senior is eating.


They Can Check for Safety Concerns

As senior care providers are spending time with your elderly family member, they can notice various issues that might pose a safety risk for your senior. That’s a huge benefit for you, especially if you’re not able to be with your senior as much as you would like to be. As those issues get resolved, companions can keep up with any new issues that pop up.


Companions Can Do the Driving

If your elderly family member isn’t able to drive on her own any longer, senior care providers can take over that task for her. This is a great way to ensure that your senior is safe when she’s out and about and that she is able to go where she wants when she wants. Very often seniors fear being unable to drive because they worry they won’t be able to go anywhere.


They Can Help out with Errands

While they’re handling the driving, companions are there for your senior on those errand runs, too. This can be incredibly helpful if your senior’s mobility is not as great as it used to be. You’ll know that there’s someone there with your senior as she handles various tasks and errands.


Or They Can Just Be There

Ultimately, though, your senior might just need someone to be there with her. The biggest part of being a companion is offering a friendly face and ear, especially if you and other family members aren’t able to be there as much as you really want to be.

Companions give your senior someone to rely on and they also provide a level of comfort for you as well. It’s a lot easier for you to be able to put your focus where it needs to be when you know your elderly family member is in good hands.


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