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Family Caregivers Help Seniors Cope with Dialysis

Kidney disease is most common in aging adults, and it happens when these important twin organs cease to properly filter waste from the bloodstream.
Although there is no cure for kidney disease, a treatment, known as dialysis is effective as the artificial method of cleaning a person’s blood. Aging adults often go to dialysis and really need help from family caregivers and others throughout the process. Kidney disease is hard enough for seniors to handle, and while dialysis is necessary, it brings about its own set of challenges.


Home Health Care in Vestavia Hills AL: Seniors Coping With Dialysis

Home Health Care in Vestavia Hills AL: Seniors Coping With Dialysis


Kidney Disease is Serious for Seniors

Aging adults with kidney disease experience a lot of physical and mental challenges in dealing with their condition. Kidney disease can leave seniors feeling lethargic, nauseated, malnourished, and foggy. Other side effects include vomiting, loss of appetite, insomnia, muscle cramps, and itching. For seniors with kidney disease, it’s difficult for them to live on their own anymore, motivating family caregivers to focus on what their aging loved one needs to stay safe and comfortable at home.

Many family caregivers hire home care providers to be with their aging relatives when they cannot. Professional, compassionate and well-trained, home care providers can help seniors do all kinds of daily tasks or else take over those duties, so the aging adults can rest. Home care providers are an ideal solution for seniors who want to remain in their own home but are not well enough to be independent because of kidney disease. Even the treatment for kidney disease, a process called dialysis, takes a physical and mental toll on aging adults.


Helping Aging Adults with Dialysis

Dialysis is an artificial method that routes the blood out of the body, cleans the blood of toxins, and routes it back into the body. The process takes several hours and can only be done at a clinic, hospital or specialized dialysis treatment center. For seniors who no longer have the ability to drive and rely on family caregivers or home care providers for transportation assistance, they must be taken to dialysis on time every time. Failure to get dialysis can mean the aging adult will get very sick and neglecting dialysis treatments can even be fatal.

The doctor will recommend how frequently the senior needs to get dialysis, which could range from several times per month to several times per week. The procedure itself lasts for several hours, making it hard for seniors to go alone. Dialysis is hard on the body, and elderly adults may need some extra attention in the days after treatment. Side effects of dialysis include nausea, malnutrition, blood clot issues, dry skin, hernias, infection, low blood pressure, and fatigue. Seniors definitely need a home care provider to help them with daily tasks.


Dialysis is an effective treatment for aging adults with kidney disease, but it can be hard on their bodies as well. Seniors who are currently doing dialysis treatments should definitely focus on themselves and healing. They are able to do so when they have the support of family caregivers and home care providers.


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