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Things Your Sentimental Senior can do at Home

If you have a sentimental senior or family member receiving senior care in their home, we have some fun and unique ways that you can use their mementos and photos to brighten up their house and lift their spirits at the same time.


Homecare in Helena AL: Things Your Senior can do

Homecare in Helena AL: Things Your Senior can do


Create a scrapbook.

Most people have family photos lying around the house, sometimes neatly arranged in albums and other times, piled up in old boxes in the basement collecting dust. For the especially sentimental type, they may have held onto tokens or mementos that have special meaning or remembrances like ticket stubs, certificates, awards, or hand-written notes or cards.

Making a scrapbook is a great way to not only give your loved one something creative to do with their time but give them a way to express their feelings of nostalgia and bring a smile to their face. Collect the items that are important to them and give them creative freedom and control to arrange the items into a book or album as they see fit. Decorate the pages and leave the finished product in an area where they can enjoy it, or show it to their caregivers or family members who come to visit with them at home.


Design a picture wall.

If pictures are especially of importance to your aging parent, why not design a picture wall for them? Pick an area where they spend much of their time and let them choose a number of photos that are special to them to be displayed on a daily basis. Select frames that your senior likes and place them in a design that is visually appealing to your loved one, so they can see the faces of the people that they love and remember old times that they enjoyed. If they have too many pictures or struggle to choose a few, let them switch them out after a few months, or seasonally.


Make stationery or cards.

Many seniors are of the generation that truly appreciates both the art and the meaning of a hand-written note or card. If this sounds like your senior, think about taking a special photo or piece of artwork or other sentimental paper items and having it made into notecards or stationary. Let them choose the recipient and provide them with easy-grip pens so that they can put their thoughts onto paper in a unique and special way. They will appreciate the gesture and enjoy sending special notes to their family and friends.


Create a shadowbox.

If your senior has some special, valuable, or fragile items they hold close to their heart, consider creating a shadowbox so that they can see the mementos on a daily basis but know that they are protected.


Make a keepsake item.

One fun and personalized way to create a one of a kind remembrance token is to use your senior or their loved one’s special items to create something new, like a quilt, a pillow, or a teddy bear. If you aren’t the sewing kind, there are companies you can hire to make neckties, t-shirts or clothing items, or even old wedding dresses to make other special things that your loved one can use and cherish forever.

Make the most of senior care at home by encouraging your parent or loved one to embrace their sentimental side.

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