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Encouraging Your Senior to Pursue Their Dreams & Goals

Don’t let your senior parent or loved one receiving home care resign themselves to life behind closed doors. Just because seniors begin to need help with their elderly care does not mean that they can not have a fulfilled life and that they aren’t going to be able to pursue the dreams and goals they deserve to attain.


Homecare in Pelham AL: Pursue Their Dreams & Goals

Homecare in Pelham AL: Pursue Their Dreams & Goals


If your senior does not seem to have any dreams or goals for themselves, now is the time to encourage them to look towards the future and know that no matter how much time they have left, it can be spent doing the things that they love.

The opportunities are endless once your senior starts to realize and understand that with a little planning and help, most of their goals are attainable. Here are a few ways that you can help the senior in your life to understand that home care doesn’t have to keep them from going after whatever it is that they want in their life.


Make a vision board

One fun and creative way to get your senior’s goals out of their minds and right before their eyes is to make a vision board. All you need is a medium-sized poster board and some magazine clippings or other artwork or stickers, etc, and whatever adhesive is easiest for your senior to maneuver. Ask them what kinds of goals they may have or places they want to see. Find pictures or words that help represent those ideas and have your senior arrange them on the board in whatever way they desire. Keep the board in a place where they can not only admire it but be reminded of their goals so they can stay on track and keep a positive outlook and have things to look forward to.


Make a bucket list

You are never too old to have a bucket list. If you don’t know what your senior parent or loved one’s bucket list items are, ask them! Get a pen and paper and together, write down a list of both the big and the small things you have both always wanted to do. Once you have some ideas, take it a step further by prioritizing them by the ones that are most easily attained and start making them happen!


Plan a trip

Planning a trip, no matter how big or small may help your senior to see that there are adventures to be had outside their life of home care in their house. Seniors tend to get comfortable and very set in their routines, and it can be difficult to get them in a new mindset once they fall into a rigid pattern. Getting them out of the house and taking them to a new place has a way of helping open their eyes to the possibilities that lie just outside their door.


Helpful tip: If your senior has a tough time looking towards the future, see if they can help you with your own bucket list instead. During that process, they may find that they have more ideas than they thought and there may be a natural shift towards the things that they want to do for themselves. The first step is to ask!


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