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Helping Your Elderly Loved One Stay Mobile for as Long as Possible

As someone ages, it is likely they will start sitting down for longer periods of time. They may stop taking their daily walk. You might notice they aren’t exercising as much as they used to. This can be troublesome for their physical and mental health. It is important that you help your elderly loved one stay mobile for as long as possible. Not only will this help them to stay in their own home for longer, but it will also help them to feel better overall, as well.


Homecare in Trussville AL: Elderly Loved One Stay Mobile

Homecare in Trussville AL: Elderly Loved One Stay Mobile


Going for More Walks

If you noticed that your elderly loved one isn’t taking their daily walk like they used to, talk to them. They might just be feeling lonely. You or an elderly care provider can take their daily walk with them. This might make them feel more motivated to get moving. You might even want to incorporate regular walks into an exercise routine. Start out slow and move up on the minutes as they get moving more.



Another way to get your elderly loved one to move around is through swimming. If it is colder outside, maybe there is a local community center that has a pool you could take your loved one too. Some motels and hotels even let people pay to use their pool even if they aren’t a guest there. This might be something you want to check into, as well. It is a fun way to keep your elderly loved one mobile for longer.


Get Them Into Resistance Training

You can also get your elderly loved one into resistance training. This means they will start lifting weights. They don’t have to get extreme with this. However, if they can start lifting light weights and move their way up, it can help to keep their bones strong. The stronger their bones are, the more likely they are to keep moving.



Stretching is also essential in keeping your elderly loved one moving for longer. They should be doing daily stretches. You can help them to stretch out in the morning when they get up and out of bed. They should stretch their body sometime in the daytime and before they go to bed, too.

These are just some of the ideas that can help you to keep your elderly loved one mobile for as long as possible. Remember, keeping them mobile is not only going to help them stay at home for longer, but it is also going to help them feel better, as well.

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