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How to Observe Healthy Vision Month

People age 60 and older often go through certain vision changes. Their risk of developing some kind of vision problem or eye disease goes up as they age. Some of these eye issues are benign while others can be quite serious and even lead to blindness if not treated properly.

Even if the aging adult has experienced excellent vision and eye health all their lives, they still need to participate in regular eye exams to ensure they and their vision are in top health. May is Healthy Vision Month, an ideal time for family caregivers to focus on senior eye health.

Caregiver in Mountain Brook AL: Healthy Vision Month

Caregiver in Mountain Brook AL: Healthy Vision Month

What’s The Message of Healthy Vision Month?

Healthy Vision Month is designed to promote the message of what it takes to maintain good vision and eye health. By educating the public, medical experts hope to get more people, especially seniors, in for annual eye exams to make sure their eyes are healthy and their vision is as good as it can be. Even seniors that depend on family caregivers and home care aides can benefit from regular eye exams to preserve their sight.

Family caregivers may be overlooking regular eye exams for their elderly relatives because other chronic conditions may demand more time and attention. The problem is that many eye diseases don’t have any early symptoms that the senior or the family caregiver can even notice. Only an eye doctor can spot early signs during a full eye exam. As with most conditions, early detection always leads to better treatment options.

How to Observe Healthy Vision Month.

Family caregivers and home care providers should do everything they can to get seniors into an annual eye exam to check their eye health and vision. This eye exam should include dilation, where eye drops are used to widen the pupil to give the doctor a better view of the inside of the eye. The eye doctor can then check for common age-related eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and more.

Elderly adults and family caregivers should also become familiar with their family health history and whether there are any eye diseases in close relatives. Many eye diseases are hereditary, so the eye doctor can pay particular attention to any early signs of the disease that may manifest. The eye doctor can develop a treatment plan for any abnormalities they see, thereby slowing down or even preventing problems that can affect vision in their elderly patients.

Seniors should also focus on a healthy diet and regular exercise or activity because these areas impact overall eye health as well. Family caregivers and home care providers can encourage and motivate elderly adults to be as healthy as possible for all kinds of reasons, and eye health is among them. Family caregivers should use Healthy Vision Month to motivate themselves to set up an eye exam for their elderly loved one and promote eye health as well.

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