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Is Time Management an Issue for You?

Being a caregiver can often feel stressful, especially when you’re looking at a task list that keeps growing rather than shrinking. The key to getting yourself centered and in charge of your schedule again is to figure out your own time management needs.

Caregiver in Trussville AL: Time Management

Caregiver in Trussville AL: Time Management

Over-committing Is a Real Thing.

The average caregiver can sometimes have a problem with over-commitment. That means that when you really should say no to something because you’ve got more than enough on your plate, you wind up saying yes. Start getting ruthless about what makes it onto your schedule each day, because that’s part of keeping yourself in charge of your time.

Establish Your Priorities.

Look carefully at what your priorities are in your life and as a caregiver. Anything that supports those important priorities is what should definitely make it onto your schedule each day. If something doesn’t support those priorities, it can go in the “maybe” column. When you have spare time, you can start looking at the “maybe” list.

Break Down Your Big Goals.

Your big goals are often not simple enough to tackle in one go. To achieve them, you need to break them down into  smaller steps. Keep breaking down each step until you have your goal broken down as far as you possibly can.

Tackle Each Small Step.

Now you can start scheduling each small step into your daily activities. Each small step that you knock out gets you closer to your big goal. At first, you’re going to feel as if you’re not getting anywhere. But when you tackle enough of those smaller steps, you’re going to see big progress. Before you know it, you’re going to have your large goal in the bag and you won’t have turned yourself inside out to get there.

Get Comfortable with Delegating.

Something else for you to consider is that some of the tasks that you can’t get to are ones that you can delegate to other people. Other family members and even home care providers can help you to whittle your way through your task list, but you have to let them know what you need from them. Start with smaller tasks until you feel comfortable delegating bigger ones.

When you feel as if you just can’t squeeze all the activities into each day that you have to handle, there’s likely something you can adjust in terms of your time management. Even one seemingly small change can make a big difference for you in a short period of time.

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