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Is Your Mom Too Ashamed to Ask You for Help?

Many seniors need help but don’t want to burden their kids. They try to do things by themselves, find it’s a struggle, and end up getting hurt. Others may not bother and decide they can go without. Is your mom one of the many seniors who are ashamed to admit they need help?

Home Care in Mountain Brook AL: Asking for Help

Home Care in Mountain Brook AL: Asking for Help

Create an Open, Honest Path of Communication.

Repeatedly tell your mom that you don’t mind helping. Ask her what she needs. If she resists, keep reminding her that you want to help. The more she hears you say you don’t mind, the less ashamed she will feel when asking for help.

Hold a Monthly Meeting to Discuss Any Needs.

Sit down with your mom each month and ask her what needs to get done. She may resist at first, but as she gets used to having others offering to help, she’ll start to accept it. You can make sure she’s getting the help she needs. Plus, you’ll have a list of tasks to add to a schedule that you can share with the rest of the family.

Create a Schedule to Make Sure She Has Plenty of Help Available.

Work with your siblings and other close family members to come up with a visiting schedule. With visitors stopping by regularly through the week, it’s likely people will catch your mom in need of help. If someone’s already there and offering to help, she’s less likely to refuse the help.

Jump In and Get Things Done Without Her Having to Ask.

If your mom’s daily struggles are things like cooking dinners or grocery shopping, do it for her. Make her meals that she can reheat in a slow cooker, microwave, or oven with ease. Write the instructions on the containers so that she knows how to reheat them. You can always stop and get groceries for her on your way to visit. She can repay you when you arrive.

If she has a hard time keeping up with yard work, split up duties between family members on weekends. While everyone visits, people can take turns mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, or raking leaves. Everyone helps out and also has time to visit.

Have Caregivers Help Your Mom.

Your mom may not want you helping her get showered and dressed, but she shouldn’t risk her safety. A professional offering home care services makes sure your mom has the help she needs while maintaining dignity and privacy.

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