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Why National Alzheimer’s Disease Month Is Important

Most people in the United States know that Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain condition that affects memory and cognition. Beyond that, however, there are many that don’t know much about it. Because November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Month, it’s an excellent time for anyone with a loved one affected by it to join millions of others in raising awareness and spreading information throughout their community.

Elderly Care in Trussville AL: National Alzheimer's Disease Month

Elderly Care in Trussville AL: National Alzheimer’s Disease Month

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month is extremely important because it starts conversations about the disease in people of all ages and backgrounds. Many organizations run charity events, distribute education material and launch information campaigns. The goal is to heighten awareness about Alzheimer’s. Many times, these awareness campaigns can help raise money for medical research and support services for caregivers.

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month can also show people that are dealing with it themselves or within their elderly loved one that they are not alone. Information surrounding National Alzheimer’s Disease Month can point them toward support groups and community services. It can also help them learn to identify early symptoms and learn more about treatment options as part of their elderly care plan. When people are empowered by knowledge, they are better able to handle any of the challenges that come their way.

Another reason to start conversations about the disease during National Alzheimer’s Disease Month is to make people aware of any preventative measures they can take to possibly minimize the risk of themselves or others getting it. While age and family history are a big influence in who contracts the disease, some studies indicate that those who are obese, smoke, have high blood pressure, poorly controlled diabetes, heart disease, and a poor diet are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in their later years. Those that encounter regular mental engagement and brain stimulation may also reduce their risk.

A final reason to boost awareness of the conditions during National Alzheimer’s Disease Month is to dispel any myths and misunderstandings that are out there. For example, most people don’t realize that Alzheimer’s can be treated, even though there is no cure. Certain medicines can stop or slow the brain damage that occurs as the disease spreads. The drugs are most effective with an early diagnosis, however. Also, there are many ways that elderly people can get along as the disease progresses, promoting independence and self-confidence.

So how can family caregivers spread the word about Alzheimer’s disease during National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month? Many people turn to social media to help connect people with resources for elderly care support, treatment information, or how to help financially. Because the number of Alzheimer’s cases is expected to grow, it’s wise to spread the word and promote education and learning about this devastating disease.

During the month of November, family caregivers should take every opportunity to learn what they can about Alzheimer’s disease and do their part in spreading awareness within their community.

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