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National Sunday Supper Month – Four Reasons to Bring Sunday Suppers Back

In past decades and centuries, families gathered together after church and talked about their weeks during the Sunday supper. Over the years, Sunday supper has dwindled in popularity. Families are busy, some parents must work every Sunday, and church attendance has decreased.

Caregiver in Homewood AL: National Sunday Supper Month

Caregiver in Homewood AL: National Sunday Supper Month

A 1992 Gallup poll found 70 percent of respondents said they were a member of a church or synagogue. By 2016, that number decreased to 55 percent. The same poll found that 48 percent of respondents in 2016 admitted they seldom or never attend religious services.

Celebrate National Sunday Supper Month this January. It’s an easy way to improve your entire family’s mental and physical health. Here are four reasons to start a Sunday supper tradition.

Family Suppers Offer a Chance for the Elderly to Socialize.

Loneliness and isolation are risks elderly men and women face. With family gathering once a week or each month for a sit-down meal, seniors enjoy the opportunity to socialize. It’s a good way to prevent depression from happening.

Home-cooked Meals Are Better for Your Health.

As seniors lose interest or ability to cook a full meal, they tend to turn to prepackaged foods and takeout meals. These are often high in fat and sodium.

With a little care and planning, home-cooked meals are healthier. You control the amount of fat, sugar, and sodium found in the entire meal. You can easily meet any dietary concerns your parents have.

Children Have a Chance to Learn From Their Grandparents.

Put your children into the kitchen with their grandparents and they’ll learn family recipes. Sitting around the table, your children will hear stories about you and their other family members. They’ll learn about the family’s past and have that knowledge to pass down to future generations.

People Take Longer to Eat.

Many families rush to eat meals. They dine in front of the television not taking time to talk about their weeks. They eat so quickly that their brain doesn’t have time to tell them they’re full. When a family gathers for a meal, there’s less rush. People take time to really chew their food, which helps start the process of digestion. It helps prevent overeating.

Make sure your parents have other opportunities to stay social. Caregivers are one of the most convenient ways to keep your parents from feeling isolated or lonely. Caregivers can drive them to stores, senior centers, or local attractions. Learn more by calling us today.

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