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Who Needs to Know the Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Medical professionals, survivor groups, and national and local health organizations work hard to educate and empower people with information about stomach cancer. Their goal is to give family caregivers and home care assistants a greater understanding of some of the signs and symptoms of the disease. Early detection of stomach cancer improves the treatment aspects and survival rates greatly.

Home Care in Homewood AL: Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Home Care in Homewood AL: Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Risk Factors for Stomach Cancer.

While medical experts don’t know what causes stomach cancer, they have been able to pinpoint some risk factors in people who are more likely to develop the disease. One significant risk factor is age, because well over half of the new cases each year are diagnosed in elderly adults. Other risk factors include obesity, stomach polyps, anemia, and smoking. A family history of stomach cancer has also been linked to a greater risk. Finally, those with a diet that is low in fruits and vegetables and high in salty and smoked food may also be at greater risk.

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer.

Because family caregivers are more likely to notice symptoms in their elderly relatives, it’s more important than ever that they learn as much as possible.  An early diagnosis can mean more immediate and effective treatments. Symptoms of stomach cancer can also be present with several other health conditions and digestive issues, such as Crohn’s disease or a food allergy, so it’s important for a doctor to make a final diagnosis. Symptoms include feeling bloated after a meal, persistent heartburn, persistent nausea, abdominal pain, weight loss and fatigue. Family caregivers need to make sure their elderly relative sees the doctor if they notice these symptoms and they don’t fade over time.

Treatment for Stomach Cancer.

If an elderly person is experiencing the symptoms of stomach cancer, the doctor will do a thorough exam. They insert a small camera down into the stomach to look for cancerous tissues or any other problem. The doctor may take a tissue sample to analyze in the lab. Often, imaging tests like a CT scan are done to get further information. After the doctors determine what stage the stomach cancer is at, they usually perform surgery to remove as many cancer cells as possible.  Radiation and chemotherapy are also part of stomach cancer treatment.

How to Spread the Word About Stomach Cancer Awareness.

Stomach cancer awareness campaigns are usually marked by health organizations holding events like walk-a-thons and fundraising booths. Family members, elderly adults, home care agencies, businesses, clinics, and community leaders can all participate to raise awareness. Sharing stomach cancer information on social media is another way to educate as many people as possible about stomach cancer. Spreading the word can help people with an earlier diagnosis, and therefore getting better treatment earlier in the process.

Remember that an early diagnosis of stomach cancer can save lives, and the only way to do that is to educate people of all ages and stages of life.

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