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Six Items That Make Showering an Older Adult Easier to Do

For one reason or another, your mom can’t shower on her own anymore. It’s one of the harder tasks a family member faces when offering care to a parent. Seeing your parent at his or her in a vulnerable moment is hard.

Is there a way to make it easier? These six-bathroom products can make it easier to help your mom or dad on shower days.


Senior Care in Alabaster AL: Make Showering an Older Adult Easier to Do

Senior Care in Alabaster AL: Senior Showering Tips


A Walk-In Bathtub

You need to have money for this bathtub upgrade, but if it’s possible, it will make baths and showers a lot easier on you and your mom. Instead of stepping over a bathtub wall, she opens the door, sits on the built-in seat, and fills up the tub. If she wants to take a shower, she sits on the seat and uses the hand-held shower wand instead.

Most walk-in bathtubs have jets to help soothe her sore muscles. She may find this option is a great upgrade if her bathroom already needed updates.

A Shower Seat

Purchase a shower seat to use in your mom’s bathtub or shower. She can sit down and avoid falling while you bathe her. Choose a seat with suction cups that secure it to the floor. Handles are also helpful when it comes to helping her stand up and exit the shower/tub.


A Shower Wand

Look for a shower fixture that has a hand-held wand. It will be a lot easier to rinse her off if you’re able to direct the water to a specific location. Some come as a separate unit you attach to the bathtub nozzle. Others are a removable showerhead.


Quick-Dry Towels

While you wash your mom, you’ll find she’s probably just as hesitant to have you helping her. If you keep most of her body covered while you’re washing a particular area, she’ll be more comfortable. With quick-dry towels, it won’t matter if you get them very wet. They’ll dry faster than normal towels.


Long-Handle Bath Sponge

You and your mom may feel more comfortable if you’re not physically touching her with a hand or gloved hand while you wash her. With a long handle scrub sponge, you’re able to wash her without touching her. You have a handle between your hand and your mom’s body.


Hire Elderly Care Aides to Help With Bathing

Consider hiring elderly care services instead. You still help your mom or dad out with daily tasks like medication reminders, meals, and transportation, but you step back and let a professional caregiver help with personal care, hygiene, and grooming. Call an elderly care representative to make arrangements for your mom or dad.


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