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Beyond Medication for Your Senior’s Blood Pressure

Lifestyle choices and medication can both be helpful in battling high blood pressure for your aging adult. In some cases, lifestyle changes can help to reduce the medication that she needs to take in order to manage her blood pressure. Ultimately, working with her doctor can help her to develop the right plan for her.


Senior Care in Hoover AL: Senior Blood Pressure Tips

Senior Care in Hoover AL: Senior Blood Pressure Tips


Dietary Changes Help

What your elderly family member eats makes a huge difference in her overall health, which is especially something to consider when dealing with high blood pressure. That’s why your senior’s doctor is likely to recommend eating changes along with medication when high blood pressure becomes an issue. Reducing salt intake is a common recommendation, as is adding more fruits and vegetables to meals and snacks.


So Can Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes cover a lot of ground. They might involve your senior moving a little bit more, cutting back on alcoholic beverages, or even quitting smoking. If your elderly family member isn’t getting quality sleep at night, she may not be able to regulate her blood pressure well, either. Start helping her to take inventory of what is working well for her and what isn’t, so you can see where changes might be beneficial.


Alternative Therapies Might Be an Option

For some people, alternative therapies are a viable solution. Herbal treatments, acupuncture, and even meditation can be helpful additions to medication and to other solutions. Make sure that you talk with your senior’s doctor before adding alternative treatments to her care plan, however. Very often even natural treatments and therapies have side effects and can be contraindicated for other medications or treatments your senior is using.


Home Testing Is Crucial

One of the best ways to really see what’s happening with your elderly family member’s blood pressure is to use a home blood pressure monitor to test regularly throughout the day. Blood pressure monitors used to be complicated, but they’ve become much easier for anyone to use. Your senior may want to start keeping a log of her results so that she can see how exercise, medication, and other variables impact her blood pressure. She can start to see patterns more easily, which can be helpful for her doctor, too.


Dealing with something big like blood pressure changes is not easy to do. Help from supportive people in her life, like you and elderly care providers, can give your senior a leg up on reducing her blood pressure. It’s much easier to make lifestyle changes when there’s someone right there who can keep up with all the small details.


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