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Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations Effectively

Senior Care in Trussville AL

The holidays are all about preparation, planning, and decorating, and then before you know it, all of the festivities are over and it is time to put it all away for another year. As a family caregiver Senior-Care-in-Trussville-ALthis is a time when organization is key so that you can help your parent clean up after the holidays and ensure that the decorations stay safe and they are ready when the next holiday season rolls around without taking up all of your time and effort.


Try some of these tips for storing holiday decorations effectively so that you can get back to your other care efforts and head into the new year:

  • Prevent ornaments from breaking. Do not greet next Christmas with boxes full of broken ornaments. Instead, organize, store, and protect ornaments with only simple items you likely already have. Start with a square or rectangular storage container that has a lid. Cut two pieces of cardboard so that they fit tightly in the box but can slide in and out. Attach plastic cups to the cardboard with glue so that they stand close together, open top up. Settle one piece into the bottom of the box and place an ornament in each. Once they are full, place the other piece of cardboard on top and fill. If you are storing small ornaments, place a cotton facial wipe between two in the same cup to protect them.
  • Store wrapping paper for next year.  Ensure that you can make use of all of the wrapping paper that your parent purchased this year by storing it effectively. Place the rolls in a plastic garment bag so that they are side by side. Hang this from a rod in a storage closet or from a garment rack in the attic or garage. Take it a step further by using a hanger with a removable lower rung and store rolls or ribbon or decorative tape as well.
  • Keep the tree ready for next year. A Christmas tree can be large and unwieldy, and it can be challenging to take it apart and put it back in the box. Then next year you have to wrestle it out and try to put it together again. Instead, start at the top of the tree and carefully wrap it in high quality plastic wrap, folding up the branches as you go. Cover it with several layers of plastic so that it holds the branches firmly against together. This makes it easy for you to put the tree back in the box and next year when it is time to put it up again, simply cut away the plastic and the tree will be ready for a little bit of fluffing and display.


Starting senior care for your aging loved one is a fantastic way to get the new year off to a strong, healthy, and beneficial start. With all of the opportunity that the year ahead holds, the highly personalized services of a senior home care services provider can help your aging parent take advantage of them and make the most of it. This care provider can understand the individual challenges and limitations that they are experiencing and devise a fully customized approach to care, support, and assistance that ensures the care provider is with your senior as often as is right for them to keep them active and engaged, and to help them handle their basic daily tasks, such as tidying their home or preparing meals. This means that they can enjoy a lifestyle that is more active, fulfilling, and enjoyable, as well as maintaining more independence and autonomy, while you can feel confident that they are also remaining as safe and healthy as possible.


If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional senior care in Trussville, AL, call and talk to the staff at Lipford Home Care (205) 623-5700.