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Why Are Immunizations Recommended for Aging Adults?

You might hear a lot about making sure that your aging adult is immunized regularly and that can make you wonder if vaccinations are really that important. In some situations, proper vaccinations can make a tremendous difference for your senior, so it’s important to look at the benefits to her.

Elderly Care in Helena AL: Immunizations and Aging Adults

Elderly Care in Helena AL: Immunizations and Aging Adults

Your Senior’s Immune System Might Not Be as Strong.

As your elderly family member grows older, immunizations that she had years ago have definitely faded and her immune system may have changed. Years of being ill or having been ill can wear out your senior’s ability to fight off other illnesses. When that’s the case, a vaccination can provide the extra boost that her immune system needs.

Some Illnesses Are Especially Risky.

Whether your senior’s immune system is compromised or not, some illnesses can be especially risky for her. For instance, pneumonia is often mistaken for something less serious, like a cold, especially in the earlier stages. But for your senior, finding out that she has advanced pneumonia can be riskier for her. Other illnesses that can be scary can include the flu and shingles.

Her Health Conditions Make Vaccines a Good Idea.

If your senior has some specific health issues, such as COPD or diabetes, vaccines can be incredibly important in keeping those issues from becoming worse. People with diabetes, for instance, can have erratic blood sugar levels when they’re sick with a cold or the flu. Your senior can also become dehydrated more easily when she has the flu and that can lead to other problems with blood sugar levels. A flu vaccination can help prevent her from getting sick.

She Spends a Lot of Time Around Other People.

When your elderly family member spends a great deal of her time around other people, it’s a lot easier for her to pick up germs that can lead to pneumonia or the flu. That makes it even more imperative for her to get vaccinated herself. Elderly care providers are an excellent choice for helping and for offering companionship for your senior if she’s unable or doesn’t want to be immunized. They typically have gotten vaccinated, for starters, and they’re also well-versed in helping to avoid the spread of germs.

Even with valid reasons, your elderly family member might not be excited about having to get a shot or two. It’s a good idea to talk to her doctor about the risk factors that make immunizations a good idea for her. You might also want to talk to your own doctor about whether you should get vaccinated, too.


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