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Working From Home? How to Keep From Being Distracted by Your Family

While self-isolating during coronavirus, you have to work from home. Your children are also home and your parents are with you while you provide the care they need. When you have to work from home and have a full house, how do you keep from being distracted by their interruption? It may not be as easy as you’d hope, but it is possible with these tips.


Home Care Services in Vestavia Hills AL: Work From Home

Home Care Services in Vestavia Hills AL: Work From Home


Set Up a Dedicated Office

Be tough. Set up a home office in a room where you can shut the door. Tell your family that they cannot interrupt you while that door is closed unless it’s an emergency. You may have to issue a few reminders while they get used to the rule, but it will work.

When you get up to stretch your legs, get another glass of water or tea, or take a 15-minute break, answer their questions and set them up with another activity or chore list. Make sure they know that once this break is over, they need to leave you to get work done again.

Plan a Busy Day of Activities

Make sure you’ve given your parents and children plenty to do. Arrange a two-hour movie showing where they have popcorn and other concessions and sit down to watch a movie. Due to coronavirus leading to theater closures, several movies are being released for streaming much earlier than originally planned. Look for movies like Pixar’s Onward now on services like Vudu or Google Play Movies.

Leave time for outside activities. You don’t want to be near others, but there’s no reason you couldn’t take your parents and children for a walk. Just keep at least six feet between people you encounter when you’re out for a walk.

As grocery stores are low on certain items, have your kids, mom, and dad make some of the items you need. With flour, yeast, water, and sugar, they could make rolls or bread for sandwiches. Your kids can help with measurements and kneading. Your mom and dad can help by turning on the oven and helping read the recipe.

Hire Caregivers

You may need to arrange to have caregivers come to provide the care your parents need while you work. Don’t feel that you have to do everything on your own. If you need help, caregivers are an important part of your day.

Caregivers can take over some of the duties you need to do as a family caregiver. They can remind your parents to take their medication, arrange your parents’ appointments, and do your parents’ laundry. Call a home care agency to discuss your parents’ needs and your needs for breaks.

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